The Arb-Ex is an air excavation tool specifically designed for tree care and uses compressed air to remove soil from around tree roots without causing significant damage.


Ergonomic design and low operator stress allow longer periods of use.


Changeable (optional)  nozzles allow different styles of work - Decompaction nozzle

                                                                               Precision nozzle

                                                                               Aeration nozzle



Use it to investigate - confirm rooting patterns - identify any root decay - confirm girdling roots- locate principal roots - expose root damage - quantify root loss.


Improve - use the Arb-Ex for Rootzone improvements - Vertical and radial trenching - Incorporate organic matter - decompaction - low impact cultivation.


What's in the kit


The arborist plus kit - Includes 3 nozzles  (Decompaction - Precision- Aeration)




Auxiliary handle

Debris cone

Handle wrap


Spanner and wallet + and user guide.


Arb-Ex - Air Excavator for Arborist Plus Kit

Power Nozzle
Aeration nozzle
Precision nozzle

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