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The standalone  Root Detector is designed for determining the location of the roots of a selected tree. It works based on sound velocity measurements between a sensor attached to the trunk and a soil sensor placed close to the root. Adjusting the position of the soil sensor while keeping a fix distance from the tree enables us to map the entire root structure. The benefit of this method is that the measurement is not disturbed by other trees' roots, pipes or other buried materials.


Can be bought as an add on to the Fakopp Arborsonic tomograph systems too.

Computer CAD image is an example only.


Training will  be required cost subject to user experience and number of trainees and location - A bespoke quotation will be provided.

Fakopp Tree root detector

PriceFrom £970.73
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    Training additional cost.

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    Upon order a training fee will be provided based upon address provided.

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