Fakopp Microsecond Timer

ArborElectro Impedance Tomogram

The ArborElectro Impedance Tomograph is able to detect the size and location of active fungi attached regions in the trunk non-destructively. It works based on electric resistivity measurements between several sensors around the trunk. The basic measurement principle is that resistivity increases/ decreases if there is a change in the concentration of ions between two sensors. Fungi attacks even in very early stages can be determined. 

Package Contents

GeoPic-32 Multielectrode Resistivity Meter
LEMO-USB connection cable (with 4 needles) to connect the Multielectrode Resistivity Meter to computer
LEMO-USB charger cable (with 3 needles) to charge the Multielectrode Resistivity Meter
4 pcs. electrode connecting cable with 8 crocodile clips on each
50 pcs. stainless steel needles (as electrodes) for measurements; diameter: 1.5 mm, length: 63 mm
Steel hammer
5 pcs. screws to fix the Multielectrode Resistivity Meter onto the tree
Plier to remove the needles from the tree

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