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Tree Pulling Tests / Static Tree Tests

Dynamic Tree Stability tests

Tree Radar Root Scans      

Sonic Tree Root Detection


Trunk and Root Stability Tests 

Tree Scans Sonic and Electronic

Tree Vitality - Chlorophyll fluorescence

Air Excavation - Arb-Ex 


Tree Surveys / Risk Assessments

Surveys for Developers BS5837

Tree planting designs and specifications 







Undertaken by Ian Barnes and his team at   Tree Diagnostics a  specialist division of  Barnes associates Ltd they are  Arboricultural and Landscape Consultants.


Fully insured to undertake Static tree tests (Tree Pulling) along with other Advanced Tree Assessments Level 3 Surveys as well as  Tree surveys, 

from Health & Safety through to Development site tree surveys BS5837,

Risk assessments, subsidence reports.


 Ian is a Registered Consultant of the Arboricultural Association.  




                                 Tel   01423 322371




Need a fully insured and qualified tree surgeon / Arborist locally we share an office facility with:- 



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