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 Tree Pulling Tests / Static Tree Test

Dynamic Tree Stability tests

     Tree Root Detection     


Trunk and Root Stability

Tree Scans sonic and Electronic

Tree Vitality - Chlorophyll fluorescence

Tree radar

Air Excavation - Arb-Ex 


Tree Surveys/ Risk Assessments



We recommend you contact Ian Barnes his associated company is   Barnes associates Ltd they are  Arboricultural and Landscape Consultants they are fully insured to undertake Static tree tests (Tree Pulling) along with being very experienced in other Advanced Tree Assessments Level 3 Surveys such as internal tomography, Dynaroot tests and Tree surveys, from Health & Safety through to Development site tree surveys BS5837 , Risk assessments.

                          Ian is a Registered Consultant of the Arboricultural Association.  




                           Contact    01423 322371



website:                                                                               www.barnesassociates.co.uk

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                                    Contact: 07470 270889 






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