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ArborSonic Acoustic Tomograph

ArborSonic Acoustic Tomograph

Technical parameters:

10 sensor unit ( Larger systems are available)

- 10 channel timer, with 32 character display

- 10 high sensitivity SD02 vibration sensor,

- Package includes the software for windows based PC/laptop.

- Colour 3D velocity distribution

- Mechanical evaluation, provides safety factor

- Evaluation software for Windows PC & Android - package does not include PC or mobile device.

- Extension capability up to 32 sensors.














ArborSonic Acoustic Tomograph Package contains

- 10 x SD02 Piezo transducers

- 5 x Amplifier boxes

- Battery box

- Cables to connect amplifier boxes and battery box

- Sensor remover tool

- Tape measure

- Steel hammer for tapping transducers

- Rubber hammer for fixing transducers

- Case

Optional Caliper for measuring sensor positions

Optional Tree root detector

arborsonic image and tree stem.PNG

Biomechanics software included - 'virtual pruning with safety factors.

arborsonic multi layer 7.png
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