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Tree Pulling Test Devices 

Tree Pulling Test Devices “inclino” for root stability evaluation

Package contains

- inclinometer, range: +/-3°, resolution: 0,001°

- cable force meter, 50kN

- Evaluation software, to generate safety factor calculation


Additional Equipment Required,




Complete Tree Pulling Test Devices “inclino” + “elasto” for tree root and trunk stability evaluation

- inclinometer, range: +/-3°, resolution: 0,001°

- elastometers (2 No.), range: 15mm - resolution: 0.002mm

- cable force meter, 50kN

- evaluation software for PC, safety factor calculation


Please Note - A Winch and connections are not included, none injurious attachment between test tree & anchor, climbing equipment are required and must be used by suitably qualified personnel  

                                      We offer a contracting service for the above if preferred - please contact us for a quote

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