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Fakopp Ultrasonic Timer

Fakopp Ultrasonic Timer measures ultrasound propagation time in wood. The signal is generated by an electrical impulse on the start sensor, therefore no hammer is necessary in this case. The frequency of the generated wave is in the range of 45 to 90 kHz, depending on the applied piezo sensor. Because the damping coefficient of wood at ultrasonic frequencies is high, this unit can only be used at short distances typically 250mm to 300mm.

Typical applications are for testing seedling trees, glue-lam crack depth measuring, etc.


- Timer frequency range: 15-300 kHz

- Time resolution: +/- 1 ms

- Signal amplification: 1000x

- Threshold level: 120 mV

- Excitation pulse: one in 2sec

- Excitation pulse voltage: 200 V

- duration : 60 ms

- shape: uni-polar, square

- Powered by two 9 V block

- Power consumption, timer: 70 mW

- excitation unit: 120 mW

- Ultrasonic transducer frequency

- with spike wave guide: 90 kHz

- with triangle wave guide: 45 kHz

- Operation and storage temperature: 0 - 35 C°

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