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Invitation for the Winter course on instrumental tree assessment 


Lecturer: Dr. Ferenc Divos, owner of Fakopp Enterprise Bt. and professor at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences 

Language: English 

Duration: 1 hour each lecture 


Time: Each lecture is presented twice a day with the same content: 9 AM and 4 PM Central European  time/ OR 8am GMT / 3pm GMT. You are free to choose between these two. 


Cost: free, but registration is necessary 

Registration: send an e-mail to Ms. Blanka Teleki: indicating the lecture 

you are interested in, and the starting time (9 AM CET or 4 PM CET)  Or  8am GMT or 3pm GMT.


January 17 

Acoustic tomography: Sound propagation in trees, possibilities and limitations 

-            Mechanical waves in solids, longitudinal (p), transverse (s) and surface waves 

-            Effect of anatomical orientation, radial, tangential, fiber direction 

-            Single path stress wave approach, decay/cavity detection   

-            2D acoustic tomography, self-calibration, inversion algorithm 

-            3D acoustic tomography 

-            limitations: acoustic shortcut, ring shake, deep crack visualization


January 19 

Acoustic tomography and biomechanics 

-            Interpretation of acoustic tomographic image, biomechanical interpretation 

-            Mechanical stresses in tree: compression, bending and shear 

-            Wind load calculation 

-            Bending stress from wind load and tree leaning 

-            Compression stress from self-load 

-            Safety factor calculation and interpretation 


January 22 

Acoustic tomography for ArborSonic3D users, new features in the software 

-            Ludwig sensors 

-            GPS data 

-            Controlling the self-calibration algorithm   

-            New warning in case of low velocities 

-            Low Energy Bluetooth capabilities for new hardware 

-            Limitation in the Android software 


January 24 

Pulling Test basics: Possibilities and limitations 

-            Pulling test inclino-method for root investigation 

-            Pulling test elasto-method for trunk investigation 

-            Evaluating the correctness of the fit between the measured and generalized 

uprooting curve 

-            Reasons for a poor fit (wind, loose inclinometer, too fast pulling, root failure) 

-            Correction of the raw data in case of a poor fit 




January 26 

Pulling test: The uprooting curve   

-                Importance of the root investigations, failure mode statistics: breakage of trunk  versus uprooting failure 

-            Principle of the pulling test 

-            How many inclinometers are necessary? 

-            Uprooting curve, uprooting test   

-            Verification of the uprooting curve 

-            Lower limit of the minimum inclination for a measurement to be meaningful 

-            Upper limit of the inclination during the measurement 

-            Effect of the soil moisture content on the safety factor 


January 29 

Acoustic root detection 

-            Principle of the acoustic root detection 

-            The acoustic root detection procedure 

-            Velocity limit setting 

-            Distance between test points 

-            Visualization of the result 

-            Recommended application and limitation   


January 31 

Dynamic version of the pulling test: DynaRoot and DynaTree 

-                Pulling test limitations: static/dynamic load, anchor point availability, vertical  load 

-            Solution: Using wind as loading “device” and consequences   

-            Requirements for sensors 

-            Chaotic nature of wind and tree interaction 

-            Statistical window width 

-            Visualization of the test result 

-            Safety factor calculation 


February 2  -Note anyne can attend


DynaRoot and DynaTree users' meeting to share experience 

-            Case studies indicating of the importance of 

a.)  wind direction 

b.)  location of the anemometer 

c.)  the minimum wind speed requirement 

-            We are inviting feedback from DynaRoot/DynaTree users: 

a.) short user presentation about interesting/strange test result: a short PowerPoint 

presentation or simple explanation of the experience 

b.)  organization of the workflow with regards to wind dependencies  c.)  finding good/acceptable anemometer location 

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