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ArborSonic Acoustic Tomograph Package contains

  • 16 x SD02 Piezo transducers
  • 8 x Amplifier boxes
  • Battery box
  • Cables to connect amplifier boxes and battery box
  • Sensor remover tool
  • Tape measure
  • Steel hammer for tapping transducers
  • Rubber hammer for fixing transducers
  • Case
  • Optional Caliper for measuring sensor positions - Refer to the separate listing.


Optional root detector add-on and Ludwigs buy now (x1 per sensor) or later as add-ons.


Training will normally be required cost subject to user experience and number of trainees and location - A bespoke quotation will be provided.

Fakopp Arborsonic 3D Tomograph 16 channel

PriceFrom £13,730.98
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Goods imported on order and payment - Delivery times will be advised upon placing order.

    Estimated lead times.

    Remote training included on this item.

  • Request a quote 


    Upon order a traiing fee will be sent based upon provided adress.

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