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Check out our equipment shop to see our innovative evaluation techniques available from various manufacturers including Fakopp.

We supply specialist equipment for Arborists,  from Mircosecond timers ( for quick in-the-field information during surveys),  Arborsonic Acoustic 3D Tomograph with digital callipers and Ludwig sensors through to  Tree stability including Tree Pulling Test equipment for root stability assessments.


For the building surveyors of timber structures, we can supply specialist equipment such as the Microsecond timer & TreeSonic through to more specialist assessment of Glulam beams using The Ultrasonic Timer.

The main products are described on the website and links to manuals and other sources of information are continually being added. Technical help is always on hand.

Most of the products detect hidden decay or damaged root systems in a non-destructive way.

If you have products to bring to the UK market which are related please feel free to contact us.

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